RFI Responses


Question: Are we limited only to the intersection area in terms of implementing changes to help relieve congestion? Or can we add or change something outside the study area if it helps relieve congestion at the southern approach given.

Response: The only constraint that you have is that you can not touch US 30, you can do anything that you would like to the frontage roads. So yes you can add or change something outside that study area as long as US 30 is not disturbed. 


Question: Is the cost of the materials that we are being scored on based on the actual cost of the materials used or a cost value assigned to each material?

Response: There will be a cost value assigned to each material

Question: What is classified as a recycled material? What costs will be associated with the recycled materials?

Response: Recycled material is using a material that has been repurposed for use in your concrete mixture, such as crushed glass, recycled plastic, rubber, or concrete.

Question: Can different mixes be used for different parts of the beam as long as their quantities are specified in the mix design?

Response: You can use different mixes for different parts of the beam as long as it is recorded.

Question: For three-point loading...
- on which face or axis will the load be applied on?
- will the load be applied until failure? If so, can you please define failure (i.e., minor cracking, major cracking, deflection of the beam, completely destroyed, etc.)? 
- is there a deflection limit? 

Response: 1. For the three point loading the load will be applied as a simply supported beam with a point load at midspan. 

2. Loading will be applied until no additional load increases are possible.

3. The deflection limit is 2 inches.

Question: Do we need to send in anything besides the mix design table?

Response: No, there is no technical paper for this competition, we are only requiring a mix design table.


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